Damage Classifications

Rockin' B Games classifies Ding / Dent games using the following system:

Very Light (VLD): Cosmetic only. Often slight enough in most cases customers don’t find the ding or don’t know why we bothered to mention; only noticeable upon very close inspection.

Light (LD): Cosmetic only. Still very light but noticeable on close inspection or second glance.

Medium (MD): Box damage that is noticeable. Box remains fully intact.

Heavy (HD): Box damage, but remains usable. May have a lightly split corner or some crushing. Damage is easily noticeable.

Very Heavy (VHD): Box damage has split corner or crushing degrading overall box integrity. Box could have puncture hole. Instantly noticeable. Possibly a parts only copy.

Ding / Dent games are not suspected of having damaged components.

All Ding / Dent games are new unless otherwise noted in the product listing.

If concerned about internal damage feel free to contact us and will gladly assist you regarding your concerns.

Final notes:

Game product that comes in "throw-away" packaging that has dings, dents, creases and very tiny tears will not be listed as damaged and will be part of new/mint stock as long as the components are not suspected of damage or the packaging in such a condition that would make the consumer questionable as to the contents being damaged. Examples would be small pack expansions for Living Card Games, blister packs, and miniatures and miniature gaming expansions. Throw-away packaging is defined as either packaging which is truly meant to be thrown away or packaging in which its primary function is for product display or not intended for long term storage and continual use.

Games produced by publishers that do not contain shrink wrap will not be labeled as damaged for minor shelf wear.

Games with low quality boxes, inferior packaging, or inferior design may be exempt from VLD and LD classifications. All other classifications will remain in place.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.